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Amazing Job!

I wish I could make my own puzzles on a Chromebook :(......


this is the best christmas-themed puzzle game ever!

that is all.


I'm very fond of this. First of all, digital jigsaw puzzle UX is hard to get right in my experience, and this really went out of its way to make it feel good. Never frustrating, lots of quality of life polish. And the autosave is something i'd like to see in a lot more p8 carts in general. the fact that we can also drag in our own pngs means this system was worth the work, as it can now extend infinitely beyond the original four puzzles, something well deserved as it's so comfortable. but even the four that came with it feel generous enough. and cute to boot. i really enjoyed putting them together. the music was stuck in my head for two whole days and never got on my nerves. on the contrary, it did a fair bit of work ungrinching me. i've been extremely grumpy for very understandable reasons, but when outside of direct grump-inducing scenarios, it is difficult to maintain that mood with such a pleasant and bouncy and cheerful song stuck in your head. much as i might have liked to scowl, i instead found myself bobbing and whistling. that's my only complaint :P but seriously this was a pleasant and soothing little gift. i may be extra emotionally-inclined here because my family has a tradition of putting together puzzles during the holidays, and (for grump-inducing reasons) we cannot do that this year, so this filled a nostalgic role. i'll be sending it their way. i think, with its ease of use, even my less technologically capable family members will be able to enjoy it. so anyway, thanks <3 this is a good cart.

this is a beautiful comment! thank you so much for sharing 🙏