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This is honestly an adorable game, it has a lot of charm. It was very cute and clever, a game you really play with a smile on your face. The art is lovely as well! Thank you for such a dandy and fun game. Merry Christmas!


thank you very much for the kind words! merry xmas! :)


the humor in this was too powerful… i was cracking a smile the whole time. also, just gotta point this out, the way the end of the santa hat moved around when swimming was a really nice touch. i give this a 9/9, would become santa fish again another time (i tried to rhyme ok).

aw thank you so much! merry xmas :)

I got 9/9 coins now I can buy this coral

Hey i made a video about your game! (sorry for bad english)


Made a video

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i lol'd at "pills"

thanks for sharing :)


Happy you enjoyed something in the video and  the game was really fun so was happy to share it.


Wonderful game all round! Got 7/9 coins, but the joy of the critters was reward enough :D

thank you! happy to hear that :)


Absolutely lovely game! Reached the end with 8/9 coins, and a smile on my face all along :). That cute tune was a perfect fit too, thanks kittenm4ster!

thank you for the kind words, ElGregos! :>


this is really cute!! Love the art style and the BG music!

thanks!! :>