You don't need polygons or voice acting to make a great comedy game, as Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge aptly illustrates.
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I figured this was going to be a normal bowling game [...] – and dang, I was incorrect.
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[...]un breve pero alucinante «juego de bolos»


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this is great! I really like the bit after the credits - that final touch. thank you for making this! <3


this game was simple but a ton of fun !!

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hey again kittenm4ster, I had to come back and play another game of yours after ghost house and I wanted to say I love your games so! I made another recording with this one that I wanted to share.

Until next time!


this made my day :D


This is currently my 2019 GOTY. Thank you for making it.


Well that's a pretty amount of plot twists :)


Loved it! It was surprisingly clever, even though it took me a while to get the controls



Had such a great time with this and only made it to frame 5.  Thanks for making it!


ah, i just remembered the other day that i was saddened by this page's lack of comments and that i was supposed to leave a comment here saying this is the best game ever


that is all




This is delightful.